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LinkedIn, April 15, 2019, Roberta Chinsky Matuson

"There was so much talent on one stage, including the much younger Four Seasons. Each one of these guys could have easily performed solo. Instead, they were backing up the star of the show. The net result is that Valli's performance was greatly enhanced by the talent he had surrounded himself with."


Chicago Critic, February 3, 2015, Beverly Friend, PhD.


"Holding everything together is the wonderful Emcee played by Ronen Bay with as much verve and skill as Joel Grey gave to the film. Bay is exceptional, and for this reviewer sitting in this Florida theater, a certain satisfaction lies in learning that he graduated Summa Cum Laude from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. He is well worth watching as he exudes decadence with every gesture, every nuance."



Miami Herald, January 29, 2015, Christine Dolen


"Ronen Bay, flirtaceous and pointedly androgynous, is appealing and in control as the Emcee. He offers a come-hither Willkommen, a tart Money, an amusing if disturbing If You Could See Her ... and a haunting I Don’t Care Much.” 



miamiARTzine/Broadway World, February 13, 2015, Roger Martin


"Ronen Bay is the emcee, the epitome of decadence in a performance worthy of any other who's ventured the role."



Palm Beach Arts Paper, March 9, 2015, Dale King


"Ronen Bay is perfect as the Emcee, whether gilded, corseted or wrapped in lace and garters. He is the fly-on-the-wall character who oversees the action and often shows up out of nowhere."



Talkin' Broadway, March 2, 2015, John Lariviere


"An androgynous Ronen Bay is utterly engaging as the Emcee. He has a disarming quality that somehow comes off as nearly without guile, even while being lewd. Most importantly, he seems completely at home in the Kit Kat Klub—more like it is his living room than a performance space."


Florida Theater On Stage, January 28, 2015, Bill Hirschman


"Ronen Bay, a newcomer to Florida, is just as good as the profligately louche Emcee, a dissolute creature damned long ago. His arching eyebrows over piercing eyes are complemented with a sickening leer."



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